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7 Questions To Inquire When Hiring A Commercial Construction Company

Key Takeaways

  1. Make sure the commercial construction company has experience with similar projects
  2. Inquire about the necessary permits and requirements for your project
  3. Be clear about your expectations and what you want from the contractor
  4. Get a realistic timeline for the project from start to finish
  5. Ask about their insurance and liability coverage


Commercial buildings are an essential part of the business landscape. They can be used for various purposes, from office space to retail stores. Construction of these buildings is a big investment, and it’s essential to get it right.

When starting or expanding a business, choosing the right commercial construction company for the job is essential.

According to a report, more than 6,000 firms specialize in construction in the U.S. As the data specify so many companies out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Voshall Construction will discuss the common question to ask to hire the right company for your commercial construction project.

Questions to Consider Asking A Commercial Construction Contractor Before Hiring

Your workplace should reflect your company’s values, mission, and goals. It should also be a place where your employees feel comfortable and productive. You can’t botch your workplace by giving it to an unqualified contractor. Here is a list of questions/answers to consider to hire the best of the best.

1. What is the construction company’s experience?

While looking for a company, you want someone that knows what they’re doing and have much experience to back up their claims. Company experience can tell a lot about them before even signing a contract. Be sure to ask about the company’s expertise in commercial projects.

Red Flag:

If the contractor is new to the scene or only has a few projects under their belt, you may want to consider someone with more experience.


Preferably a construction contractor with ten years or more of commercial construction experience.

2. Do they have a portfolio of previous projects?

Checking a contractor’s portfolio is a great way to see the type of quality work they can do. Other than asking, you should make a quick search on yelp and the company’s website to know whether they have gotten positive reviews or not.

Red Flag:

If they don’t have any photos or examples of their previous projects, it could be because they’re not proud of their work.


Choose a contractor with a robust portfolio showcasing a variety of previous projects.

3. What is their licensing and insurance status?

Even if you’re hiring a professional construction company, accidents can happen. However, professional services are backed up by insurance, so you don’t have to worry about cost implications even if damages occur.

Red Flag:

They don’t have any insurance.


Reputable contractors will always have the proper licensing and insurance to protect themselves and you as clients.

4. What are their project costs?

Cost is always an important factor when hiring any contractor. You want to ensure that the company you’re working with is affordable and within your budget.

Red Flag:

A company that is unwilling to provide a detailed breakdown of its costs.


A reputable construction company will be able to give a well-detailed breakdown as well as a free estimate even before any negotiation occurs.

5. What is their safety record like?

Safety should be one of your main priorities when choosing a construction company. After all, construction sites can be dangerous places.

You want to ensure that the company you’re working with has a good safety record and takes the necessary precautions to protect its employees and clients.

Red Flag:

A company unwilling to provide information about its safety record is a red flag. You should also be wary of companies with many negative reviews about their safety practices.


Construction Contractors have offered relevant training and insurance to their employees in case of injury or damage.

6. What is their payment schedule?

Another common question to ask is about a company’s payment schedule.

Most commercial construction projects are paid for in phases, corresponding to a certain amount of work being completed.

It’s important to know when payments are due and how much is expected at each phase.

You don’t want to be surprised by a large bill at the end of the project.

Red Flag:

If a contractor is asking for a large down payment upfront, that could be a sign that they are in financial trouble and may not be able to finish the project. It also puts you at a higher risk, as they can abandon the project midway without informing you.


Payment is broken into small phases and prices based on the phases and requirements of the company.

7. Have they Worked on Similar Projects?

A construction contractor with experience with the type of project you’re undertaking is ideal.

They will better understand the permits required, any potential issues that could arise, and what needs to be done to complete the project.

Red Flag:

If they haven’t worked on a similar project, they may not be familiar with the process. Hiring them could pose a risk of getting something far from your expectations.


The construction company must have worked on similar commercial projects such as yours. They would be able to work more efficiently than those who haven’t.


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7 Questions To Inquire When Hiring A Commercial Construction Company


In conclusion, these are all critical questions that will help you determine if a commercial construction company is the right fit for your project.

When finding the best company, doing your research and due diligence is key. By asking these questions, you’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect contractor for your needs.


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