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Top 5 Planning Mistakes To Avoid During A Commercial Remodeling Project

A commercial remodeling project is a huge undertaking. The stakes are high, and the potential for costly mistakes is even higher. With so many things to consider, it’s easy for commercial property owners to make some common mistakes that can prove very costly in the long run. 

In today’s blog post, we will uncover the top five planning mistakes you need to avoid at all cost when beginning a commercial remodeling project!

1. Not Having an Understanding of Your Budget

This is the most common mistake commercial contractors make. They either over-spend or underspend without accounting for all of their costs and expenditures.

It’s essential to know your budget so you don’t spend more than you need to on a project that won’t deliver good returns in terms of ROI.

2. Not Hiring an Architect from the Start

Architects are responsible for drawing up plans and designing buildings before any work begins on site. They should take care of all details, including design aspects like layout, structure, materials used, etc., which are essential in determining how long the project will take and its final cost.

3. Not Considering Zoning Requirements

Zoning requirements vary based on city or town, but they typically specify building height limitations as well as setback distances for parking areas, driveways, entrances, and sign placement.

Your commercial space must comply with the zoning requirements. If commercial remodeling plans are not made with these restrictions in mind, it can be very expensive to retrofit and meet the zoning guidelines after construction has begun.

4. Neglecting Pre-Construction Site Inspections

Another critical aspect to consider during commercial remodeling is your pre-construction site inspection. This will be one of the first steps in planning and should include a walk-through of the property to determine any potential issues that may arise from construction work.

This would include incomplete or missing permits, unsafe conditions on-site, zoning violations, and other potential hazards that may cause complications.

5. Choosing a Contractor Based Solely on Price

High prices don’t necessarily mean high quality, and low prices are not always indicators of poor-quality workmanship. Get as many quotes for your commercial remodeling project from contractors in the area who specialize in commercial jobs. This will provide you with an idea of how much commercial remodeling projects usually cost. 

It is also essential to ask your contractor for references from previous commercial jobs they have completed and then contact those references to find out how satisfied they were with the contractor and their work.

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