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Top 5 Considerations Before Starting Construction On A New Property

Most of us will take on a construction project once or maybe twice in life. It is exciting to think about building a dream house, but you’ve got to be ready for some daunting challenges. So, if you are determined to begin a construction project, the following tips will shed some light on some of the most significant aspects of beginning construction on a new property.

1. Hire a Professional Designer

We all have great ideas for designing our home or office; but don’t let the thought fool you into DIY designing! Putting together a team comprising a professional designer and an architect is a good idea. While the designer can help you with the layout, material, color selection, etc., the architect will handle structural aspects, floor plan, electrical plan, and permits. 

Meet with several designers and architects before making a decision and communicate your budget to the person/firm you hire so that they know the boundaries.

2. Gather the Necessary Details before Requesting a Quote

Until you have all of the necessary details, any quote you obtain would be considered an estimate.

The following are some of the necessary details you need to share with the contractor before asking for a quote:

  • The first thing you need to do is document the scope of the project
  • Plans, schematic designs, elevation, the rough layout of the floor plan, etc.
  • Architectural drawings (Plans, Elevations, Sections, etc.)
  • Structural engineering plans
  • A finish schedule (details for the walls, floors, ceilings, baseboards, doors, window trim, etc.)

3. Meet with the Prospective Contractors

Hiring a contractor will be one of the most critical aspects of your construction project. Now that you have the schematics and other details we discussed above, it is time to talk about the proposed project’s cost.

While interviewing the contracting companies, ask them to provide a quote based on your shared information.

The whole process of hiring the contractor can take six to eight weeks, from interviewing to checking references and visiting job sites.

4. Obtaining the Required Permits

You should research the required permits and the information needed to obtain those permits as early as possible. The process of getting a permit depends upon the scope of your project and the city/town where it will be constructed. It can take anywhere from several days to several months to obtain relevant permits.

5. Think Twice about Moving in Before Finishing the Project

A new construction project may take several months to complete; it begins with excitement but can start dragging towards the end. At this time, you probably can’t wait to move in, even though there is still work left to complete.

It is tempting but finishing the entire project before moving in is in your best interest because often, those last few finishes take months, even years, to complete after moving in.

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