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Pros & Cons of Sourcing Your Own Commercial Remodel Materials

Purchasing materials for a commercial remodel can be a daunting task. It can be challenging to determine where to begin and even harder to determine which materials best fit your specific project. Moreover, the numerous options available for materials, each with its pros and cons, complicate things.

So, how do you put your finger on what’s best for your project? Let’s explore the pros and cons of sourcing commercial remodel materials on your own.

Sourcing Your Own Commercial Remodel Materials: The Pros

Save Money

Nothing appeals more to a business owner than saving money. When you source your own commercial remodel materials, you have the potential to save money. You can negotiate better prices with manufacturers and suppliers by cutting out the middleman.

Invest your time in looking for better deals, and you could save your business a lot of money in the long run.

More Control

As a business owner, you realize the importance of control. Sometimes, due to product wastage or ‘extra’ purchasing, you may spend more money than necessary when you let someone else source your commercial remodel materials. When you take on the task yourself, you can be more strategic about what you buy and how much of it you need.

If you’ve done your research, you understand what materials will work best for your project, rather than relying on someone else’s expertise.

Better Quality

Not all materials are created equal. When you’re sourcing your own commercial remodel materials, you can be more selective about the quality of your products. Whether it’s the durability of the materials, the finish, or the color, you’ll be able to choose what works best for your business. You can also find more unique materials and add character to your space.

These were some of the pros of sourcing your own commercial remodel materials. But there are also a few drawbacks to consider before making your final decision.

Sourcing Your Own Commercial Remodel Materials: The Cons


Time is of the essence, and you’re already stretched thin as a business owner. Sourcing your materials can take time out of your day. You’ll have to run some thorough research, visit several stores, and make many phone calls. It can take days, maybe even weeks!

Could Be More Expensive

Although there’s a good chance, you’ll be saving money, that’s not always the case. Bulk purchasing by contractors often gets them a better price, so you could spend more money if you’re not careful. Moreover, if you select the wrong material, you’ll have to replace it, which will cost you even more money.

You Might Not Get What You Want

When you’re sourcing your materials, you might not be able to get precisely what you want. It is mainly because you don’t have the same buying power as a contractor. And, more importantly, the contacts that a contractor has.

The Bottom Line

If you have the time and patience, sourcing your own commercial remodel materials can save you money and ensure quality. However, if you’ve limited time or resources, it’s best to work with a contractor.

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