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Nursery Designs: What To Expect When You’re Expecting In 2022!

Nursery design trends change all the time, so you must be thinking about what’s new for 2022. But what’s more important than design is the comfort and pleasure of the baby to come.

Nurseries have transformed from cute décor and traditional cribs into designer nursery spaces. But before you take a step further with interior design ideas for the nursery at your home in Brentwood, CA, it’s essential to know a few things about the baby’s comfort and safety.

Here are some pointers from Voshall Construction that can help you decorate your baby’s home for life!

Use safety paints for keeping the baby away from danger. Adding color to a room is one of the best ways to create an impression in people’s minds as all eyes will be on this room as soon as they enter your house. But you have to beware that the embellishments and murals you use are as appealing to the eyes as secure for the newborn, keeping in view allergy issues and fire hazards. Luckily, the latest nursery trends adhere to neutrality and sustainability, emphasizing getting closer to nature.

3 New Year Ideas for Nursery Interior Design in 2022:

You must be wondering about the design ideas to create the look and ambiance of the living space for your baby to be born. We will present 3 New Year ideas for nursery interior design in this blog post to your delight.

1. Earthy Wooden Theme

The feel of using earthy wooden furniture in any bedroom is wonderfully grounding. It is an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, and safe material compared to its counterparts, such as plastic and metal. You can easily design a wooden crib, bookshelf, or rocking chair with wide versatility, solid feel, and earthy brown tones.

2. Retro Style

Retro patterns are back in vogue. The best thing about retro themes is that they are adaptable to contemporary styles, bringing new life and creating a timeless view.

Most popular retro styles include broad strokes, polka dots, and other shapes like squares and triangles. These designs are simple, impactful, fun-full, and eye-catching.

3. Gender Neutral Décor

People are now opening up to gender stereotyping and shifting towards a neutral approach in selecting colors, dresses, toys, education, career, etc., for their children. As traditional gender-biased attitudes are softening, non-gendered interior décor will be a significant and unique idea. It gives you more freedom to choose from a wide variety of colors instead of embracing the old-fashioned norms of using blue for boys and pink for girls.

The stars and sky motifs go nicely with natural landscapes for home and bedroom décor, making them preferable for families that enjoy being connected to nature.

Make Memories

The most important thing is to create a safe, cozy, and warm nursery space for your baby where you build your new parental relationship and make beautiful memories together to cherish later. But a little bit of décor work will be a cherry on top. Welcome to parenthood, and have fun with it!

If you are unsure how to do it yourself, book Free Consultation with experienced interior designers at Voshall Construction in Brentwood, CA.