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How To Maintain The Character Of Your Home While Renovating It

Do you live in an older home that brims with a unique personality and charm? If so, undergoing a renovation can feel daunting—you want to update your space without sacrificing your home’s character. It’s a delicate balance, but with the right strategy and an experienced renovation company at your back, you can design a luxurious new “old” home for the ages. At Voshall Construction, we recognize the importance of maintaining the integrity of your home while ensuring it provides modern-day functionality and elegance. We proudly serve Beverly Hills, CA, where we turn dreams into homes. 

Considering a remodel or renovation? Follow this checklist to make your home shine like a polished jewel.

Determine Your Home’s Character and Style

They say the devil is in the details, but often so is the allurement. When your home speaks to you, what does it say? What does its voice sound like? Is your home a luxurious Southern belle, or a historic Georgian Colonial? Research the story of your home and familiarize yourself with its character and style. This will help you streamline the remodel and clue you in on important architectural, lighting, and plumbing details down the line.

List Your Favorite Qualities

What drew you to your home in the first place? Was it the elegant Federal-style crown molding? Or maybe it was the striking geometry of your Colonial? Once you are familiar with your home’s authentic character, compose a checklist of the elements you love most. Look closely for the items that speak to your home’s story. 

Homeowners often wish to preserve: 

  • Columns 
  • Crown molding 
  • Porches 
  • Mantles 
  • Baseboards 
  • Hardwood floors
  • Wainscoting
  • Banisters 

An experienced renovation team can salvage these elements and seamlessly incorporate them into your remodel. In this sense, you can achieve the best of both worlds. 

List Desired Updates

Is a well-furnished, luxury kitchen on the top of your checklist? Perhaps you want to design a resort-style oasis and update your landscape with a vanishing pool? Take the time to compose a checklist of your most desired remodeling updates. The best renovation companies will meet your needs without compromising the charm or character of your home. They will also make certain the old elements don’t clash with the new.

Get a Home Inspection

Do not let your dream home become a nightmare. If your home wasn’t inspected prior to purchase, or if it has been a while, make sure someone comes in and takes a careful look before starting a remodel. This applies to both the interior and exterior; hire a knowledgeable home renovator who will save you from a myriad of headaches down the road. It is crucial to avoid surprises during the renovation—especially ones that may jeopardize your home’s integrity or character.

The times have changed, but our philosophy at Voshall Construction has not: From concept to completion, we are the single point of contact during your entire project.

Bring Everything up to Code

Ensure your home’s foundation is solid before adding to its design. Older homes are often not up to modern-day codes; this will not only delay construction, but may cause safety hazards for your neighbors and loved ones. Fortunately, an experienced home renovator will make sure you meet all the requirements and codes. 

Open up Your Spaces

Historically, the boxy layout of Colonials served a practical purpose: Multiple stacked stories, low ceilings, and separate rooms helped retain warmth during the harsh winter months. Older designs often include isolated rooms, the idea being each one serves a distinct function. 

Modern floor plans, however, thrive with spacious, open-concept layouts. Instead of reconstructing your home’s entire floor plan, you can knock down walls and connect your rooms. Charm and luxury can very much harmonize; talk to your home renovator about balancing the old and the new.

Choose a Quality Home Renovation Company

Older homes commonly require major repairs and overhauls. Do not opt for quick fixes or do-it-yourself projects. Invest in superior quality upfront, and you and your home will reap the rewards for years to come.

At Voshall Construction, we have been providing top-notch construction services throughout California for decades. “From Concept to Completion,” we are committed to our clients’ needs and continue to serve our customers with the highest quality at a competitive price. Contact us today—our dedicated team is ready to build your dream home!