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7 Ways To Use Timber In Your Home Renovation Projects

Timber is among the most versatile materials for home construction, decor, furniture, & elements design. There is so much you can do with it to add the wow factor to your existing or newly constructed homes.

With lumber prices on a high horse, timber is very suitable for home renovation projects economically; and sustainability-wise a sensible decision. Of course, you need to invest a bit more time into making sure the wood is protectively coated before use, but it is still much, much cheaper than lumber and just as much sturdier!

Take our suggestions into the mix for your home renovation projects with timber!

1. Wooden Counter Tops

The style went out but is making a comeback now as stone & lumber tops are too ostentatious. Incorporate timber into the kitchen countertops to add an ethereal ‘green’ aesthetic to your cook space. If you’re worried that water might damage the wood, well, that is what oils & varnishes are for!

2. Timber Panels on Walls

Timber panels can beautify your walls. They create an illusion of spacious accommodation if the wood’s grain is placed horizontally, or to create height in a low-ceiling room, place the panels vertically.

3. Sustainable Timber Flooring

Usually, laminated floors substitute for wood, but timber is a more sustainable & eco-friendly flooring option. You can use multiple timber panels to add strength to your floors as well as a unique grain character.

4. Timber Home Decor

You can easily get into DIY wooden furniture design, or we can assist you with designs. You can source reclaimed wood for a rustic feel; oak & beech timber is suited to more contemporary & minimalist furniture styles.

5. Sliding Barn Doors

It doesn’t mean that these timber doors necessarily look like a barn door; sliding doors in wooden styles are great savers on space and accident-free. They offer a resolute design, and you can play with colors to blend or add prominence to the door.

6. Patio Decks

Patios don’t have to be concrete or pavers; you can use wood for a more natural design. Complement your wooden patio decks with rustic or pallet furniture, and you have an economical upgrade that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

7. Timber Pergolas & Gazebos

Looking to use that amount you saved from the cost-effective timber home renovation? You can add a pergola to your patio deck. And if you have a big enough backyard in Bel Air, you can have Voshall Construction take you up on a gazebo installation from scratch with 100% sustainably sourced timber!

What timber requires from you is a little bit of love & care to treat it into its role as an enhancement to your property. It is economical and broadcasts your eco-friendly statement to potential buyers if you decide to sell the property.

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