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7 Design Elements To Consider For Interior Decor

A design element is like a canvas that can be filled in to balance your interior decor theme. The entire purpose of identifying these elements in a project is to adapt them to valuable visual aesthetics, so your final product does not look like a half-baked remodel.

A balance of design elements enhances a space and mutes any flaws into the background when done right. With contrasts, one can achieve vibrant room personalities. Yes, this all sounds quite hocus-pocus, but the further you read, the more you will get it.

We have isolated seven essential elements of design that are crucial to making a space not just habitable but enjoyable too!

1. Space Utilized

No one likes cramped rooms stuffed with furniture and drapes; no one likes a sparsely furnished room either, unless, of course, you are into minimalism. In remodeling, it’s important to consider how the furniture and the space will merge into one. Declutter the room for optimal spacing.

2. Stripes & Lines

Symmetry can bring a lot of positive ambiance to a space. You can incorporate elements with horizontal lines for width and vertical lines for the depth of the area. Windows & tall furniture go great with horizontal background elements. Try to achieve a balance of both.

3. Shapes

Again, this may feel abstract, but some shapes give a warm & rounded feel, while others are sharp. Round or square sofa cushions are a great way to define the shape of the space. Apply the same principle to furniture. 

4. Illumination

You can incorporate artificial lighting, natural, or dimmer-control illumination to make your spaces look warm. Drapes & curtains can come into play with the diffused shades of light. Avoid cold lighting.

5. Theme

According to research, colors can influence moods, so if you are considering an eclectic mix of colors for your walls and living room upholstery, please choose calming & warm colors.

6. Texture

Fabrics, carvings, rugs, sofa drapes, wallpaper, and upholstery material are all texture design elements. The art is not to make a mix of conflicting textures but to instead ease them into a theme.

7. Patterns

These add intrigue to a space and may be embodied in accessories like wallpaper or furnishings. Floral & geometrical patterns are ideal elements in interiors.

Remodels and renovations are not always about upgrading a space. This can be done without breaking down walls or installing newer hardware if you have an eye for merging solid elements into play. Anyone can add shelves, vanities, halls, and expansive living spaces, but filling them up with a fine blend of furnished & painted elements make it all your money’s worth.

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