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5 Blunders To Steer Clear Of When Constructing Your Home

Many folks think they can do all of it themselves when it comes to home construction. However, before you start swinging that hammer, take a look at some of the blunders people make when building homes. These mistakes can turn your dream home into a disaster, from using the wrong materials to not following instructions properly. So, before you start construction, make sure to read this blog post by Voshall Construction and avoid these common traps!

Poor Space Planning

When constructing a new house, it is vital to spend a significant amount of time planning the layout and design ahead of time to avoid wasting space. Even if the builder is responsible for the bulk of this process, you should take some part in determining how your rooms are laid out and what each room will be used for.

Poorly Lit Homes

Many folks often underestimate the value of having bright and well-lit homes because we take natural lighting for granted. However, this luxury is not easily attainable or sustainable, especially when living in a home that does not have proper windows installed.

Lighting also contributes significantly to a home’s décor and atmosphere, spoiled by poor lighting placement. If you’re considering building a house without good lighting at its core, then carefully think about whether these costs are worth it in the end.

Placement of the Bedroom

Most people prefer to have their bedroom near the bathroom, but this is more than a personal preference. You will often find that your bedroom does not get proper sunlight or ventilation because it is too close to another room in the home.

You should try placing your bedroom away from any doorways so you can have more flexibility when it comes time for decoration. This is pertinent if you are using darker colors on the walls. Hence, there are not any shadows cast behind the wall decorations.

Not Paying Attention to the HVAC System

You need to make sure that you choose a reliable and cost-effective HVAC contractor. Depending on the season, the contractor should address all your needs and help keep your home warm or cool.

Be wary of hot air ducts as they do not give out heat, leading to a lot of energy wastage and even higher bills. You also need to ensure enough ventilation in your attic to prevent overheating.

Placement of the Garage

The placement of your garage can have lasting effects on future renovations and changes within the structure. Suppose you plan on adding additional rooms or altering the current layout. In that case, it is essential to carefully plan where you place your garage because this will either hinder or help your construction progress. For example, placing the garage adjacent to the kitchen can create distractions and limit space.

The Gist

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