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5 Bathroom Designs That You Would Love In A Remodel

Bathrooms are every person’s best friend. They provide a space to soak in the tub, a place to get much needed relief, and even a private place when you need some time alone. Bathroom designs are an integral part of bathroom remodeling. Homeowners may decide to make a bathroom more aesthetically pleasing, or they might choose to improve the functionality. There is no correct answer for what bathroom design will work best for your bathroom remodel – it all depends on your personal preference and needs.

That said, we have put together a list of some popular bathroom designs that you might want to consider when planning out your bathroom remodeling project.

1. Victorian Style Bathroom

Victorian Style Bathroom designs are different from modern bathroom designs, but both can be beautiful. Victorian-style bathrooms tend to have a more ornate feel with different colors and shapes of sinks, tubs, etc. They also often include golden finishes on fixtures which give the bathroom a unique flair.

This particular type of bathroom is usually fitting for an upscale kind of house, perhaps more opulent and majestic. However, Victorian bathroom designs will not necessarily feel out of place in a more modest home. If you are looking for a different style that is still beautiful but not too flashy, this may be the right option.

2. Modern Style Bathroom

Modern bathroom designs are different from Victorian bathrooms in that they tend to be more simplistic and sleek. They often do not include as many different colors or shapes but rely on different shades of one color, such as black and white. They also often use stainless steel finishes for various fixtures, giving the bathroom a modern look without having too much color differentiating each fixture.

3. Tropical Style Bathroom

Another different style of bathroom design is the tropical one. People that like to vacation in tropical places often choose this type over others because it reminds them of where they have been and would love to go again sometime soon.

4. Beach Style Bathroom

A beach-style bathroom takes inspiration from the ocean and its calmness and beauty to provide a relaxing atmosphere. The different colors of blues and whites can make the perfect backdrop for this design. In addition to varying shades of blue, cream is also an ideal background for this type of bathroom because it gives off a natural feel which goes hand in hand with the beach.

5. Rustic Style Bathroom

This type of bathroom is for those who like the natural feel. Its rustic features vary from one design to another. Usually, they include various shades of browns and different wood finishes that give off a homier feeling than other types. The rich colors provide warmth when in use, making it perfect for every day or even special occasions.

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