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4 Minimalist Characteristics To Incorporate In Your Bedroom Remodel

Does your bedroom feel cramped? Are the walls closing in on you? If you feel this way, it might be time for a remodel! But before you start knocking down walls and installing large pieces of furniture at your home in Beverly Hills, CA, take a look at these four minimalist design ideas that could make all the difference. You can create a spacious and inviting bedroom without breaking the bank with just a few simple changes. So what are you waiting for? Start planning the remodel today with the following five ideas from Voshall Construction!

1) Natural Light

Giant windows that bring in natural light can make a huge difference. While it’s certainly true that natural light is an investment, you’ll likely find the return worth more than what you put in. Doing this will help your bedroom feel brighter and more prominent.

Good lighting can also positively affect your mood and improve energy levels throughout the day!

2) Simple Bedding

There’s no need for luxurious bedding with limited space; instead, opt for simple bedding that will allow your bedroom to look bigger.

A few ideas include white duvet covers, lighter-weight sheets, and light pastel colors with darker hues like turquoise or navy blue accents. This approach is stylish and functional; it creates an open feel in the room with minimal effort!

3) Integrate Nature

A plant in a pot sits perfectly with a minimalist bedroom style. Incorporating natural elements into your bedroom can help to promote relaxation and a sense of calmness. Choose plants that don’t require too much maintenance and add a touch of green to the room!

4) Organized Art

If you prefer a minimalistic design, the art you choose should reflect your choice. Make it simple and organized; use a gallery wall or multiple pieces that work together to create your style.

If the artwork you choose is a picture, you should be careful of its dimensions. Make everything in your bedroom look balanced and cohesive, so make sure it all adds up!

5) Get Rid of Junk and Access Materials

One of the best ways to achieve a minimalist bedroom is to eliminate unnecessary junk and materials. This means going through everything in your room, closet included!

Take a look at what you use daily and get rid of the rest. You can donate or sell unused items for extra cash. And if you’re feeling crafty, get materials like wood, metal, or fabric to create new pieces for your room!

Whether you’re interested in the complete home renovation or just adding some finishing touches to spruce up your bedroom, these four minimalist characteristics will help create the perfect space for relaxation and rejuvenation. If this sounds like something you want to explore further, Voshall Construction is the place to be. We’ll listen closely as you describe what it is about your home’s current design that needs improvement and then offers ideas on how we can make those changes happen with style! Schedule a free consultation in Beverly Hills.